KTR is a team of seasoned industrial real estate professionals who create value for their investors by establishing mutually rewarding relationships with tenants, brokers and sellers. They take great pride in their reputation as a responsive landlord, a savvy investor and a good partner. KTR currently owns and operates a portfolio of approximately 65 million square feet in 25 markets. By all accounts, it appeared that there wasn’t much broken at KTR, so we should be fairly careful about how we go about fixing it. In fact, a reasonably compelling argument could be made for leaving well enough alone. That said, where were the opportunities? Through a thorough investigative process followed by a brand positioning and messaging exercise, Cullinane found that except for investors, the KTR brand identity in a given market appeared to be formed primarily by their history and presence in that market, with little overhang from a broader national reputation. In some markets, that meant they were a major force that must be acknowledged. In other markets, it meant they were marginalized, or even ignorable. That provided the groundwork for what approach was needed.


Cullinane developed an updated brand identification platform to unify KTR’s national profile. Deliverables included development of an updated logotype, comprehensive brand standards manual, custom templates in PowerPoint and MS Word and website which incorporated Responsive Design, a custom Google map, sophisticated search functions and a property finder.




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