Macquarie Infrastructure Company LLC (NYSE: MIC) owns and invests in infrastructure businesses in the United States. MIC is managed by an affiliate of The Macquarie Group (ASX: MQG), one of the largest full-service financial organizations in Australia. MIC owns and has invested in five infrastructure businesses. After winning the bid over several other competing firms specializing in financial communications in 2005, Cullinane went on to create each report for the next several years.


The challenge for MIC (and for Cullinane), was to visually and textually depict and describe the nature of their businesses to the investor community. Through words and pictures (and clever concepts), the covers summarized what MIC was all about -- and the inside pages supported that concept. Within a short amount of time, their investment structure was universally understood -- and it drove their stock price substantially upward.


Annual Reports & Financial Communications

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