King Low Heywood Thomas (King) in Stamford, CT engaged Cullinane to evaluate the existing brand identity and messaging and subsequently present our findings. Our team conducted a thorough competitive research and brand/messaging audit as part of our assignment to help King more effectively evaluate their position in the competitive “Fairchester” private school environment. As part of this assignment, Cullinane would develop several forward focused concept directions so King could better envision what was possible within their current brand architecture and messaging platform. The overall goal of the new directions was to create an overarching theme consisting of a print ad and brochure.


After conducting our research and evaluation or "visual audit" of competitors, we next applied that same approach and reviewed a large body of King communications. That exercise allowed us to more effectively brainstorm and develop several concepts for updates to the master brand which will support any new positioning effort. We used elements from the existing King graphic standards such as logo usage, color and typography as a starting point only, but began to assemble a more updated set of tools. Our solutions ranged from evolutionary (or more familiar to what exists now) to revolutionary. The presentation is shown as several brand “essence” boards illustrating the concept theme rationale, typography, color palette, a standard brochure and home page schematic, photography and image style.


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