The CFA Institute Brand Center was originally designed to serve an internal audience of their employees looking for brand guidance, design and messaging tools, or marketing-related materials. Because many external agencies needed quick brand orientation, guidance, design support and access to assets, the CFA Institute needed to re-orient the Brand Center to accommodate this change and be responsive to the organization’s needs. Our task was to improve the new Brand Center user experience to get new agencies up to speed faster and more efficiently. The intent was that an improved usability would ultimately result in better brand alignment globally, increasing awareness. Opening the site to the public and making many of the tools available without the sign-in would also expand their reach to societies wishing to promote CFA Institute offerings.


After reviewing the existing Brand Center offerings, we quickly got to work evolving what existed so as to be more flexible and efficient. Our exploration vastly expanded their offering and streamlined how agencies could get up to speed and access relevant tools in a more timely manner than the past. The final deliverable was a series of standards related to color, typography, graphic motifs and actual templated artwork.


Brand Standards

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